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After Hours / Emergencies: 703-698-5613

The freezing temperatures could lead to frozen pipes or frozen meters. Click on the Winter Tips button to learn tips on how to prevent this.

The freezing temperatures can also lead to water main breaks. If you believe you have noticed a water main break somewhere, please report it by visiting our main break website and filling out the Report a Water Main Break web form. Clicking the button below will take you to the site.

Freezing temperatures could cause water meters to freeze. If you have no water and believe it may be a frozen water meter, you can report it by clicking on the Frozen Meter button and providing us your address. Our crews will respond as soon as possible.


Fairfax Water provides water to nearly 2 million people

Fairfax Water is Virginia’s largest water utility, serving one out of every five Virginians who obtain their water from public utilities. Nearly 2 million people in the Northern Virginia communities of Fairfax, Falls Church, Loudoun, Prince William and Alexandria depend on Fairfax Water for superior drinking water.
That's nearly 2 million friends, neighbors and family members. We don't need any other reason to demand the highest in water quality standards.....  

Facts About Lead in Drinking Water

Fairfax Water takes its responsibility to protect customers from lead exposure seriously. Our monitoring is conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements and guidance. Please click here for more information on lead and how to reduce exposure.



2016 Water Supply Stakeholder Outreach Grant Program

Applications for Fairfax Water’s 2016 Water Supply Stakeholder Outreach Grant Program are now being accepted. Click here for a flyer containing program information or go to our Grants web page for additional information. All applications must be received or post-marked no later than May 16, 2016.



Fairfax Water's Winter 2015 Straight from the Tap is Now Available

The winter issue of Straight from the Tap announces the new Water Main Break Webpage on the Fairfax Water website, provides resources to help plan for an emergency, and explains the process to replace a water meter. The winter issue will be distributed with quarterly bills from December through February.


You can find links to our previous newsletters by visiting our "News To Know" page.


2015 Report on Your Water Quality

Find important information about your water quality in the 2015 Water Quality Report. To request a printed copy by mail, send an e-mail to waterqualityreport@fairfaxwater.org or call 703-289-6285, TTY 711, and provide your name, mailing address, and phone number.

You can view previous Water Quality Reports by clicking here.


Fairfax Water Consolidates Water Rates Ahead of Agreed Schedule

Fairfax Water equalizes water rates for customers previously served by the City of Fairfax and City of Falls Church water systems. Click here for more information.



Customer Alert

Recently we received reports from customers that individuals were impersonating Fairfax Water staff by calling to offer “discounts” or asking to enter their homes. Please read this important information to help you identify Fairfax Water staff.



Future Water Supply Planning

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a Comprehensive Plan Amendment to recognize the conversion of a reconfigured Vulcan Quarry to a water supply storage facility in order to meet the long-term needs of Fairfax County and the region. Click on a link below for details.


Water Wise Landscaping and Watering Guide

This guide includes tips on planning and designing your landscaping, watering, lawn care, and improving your soil. You can print a copy of the guide here or call 703-289-6017, TTY 711, to request a copy by mail.


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Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Attention Customers: Clarification About Water Service Line Insurance

You may have received a letter from companies such as American Water Resources (AWR) or Home Emergency Service Company about your water and sewer line maintenance responsibility along with an offer for Water and Sewer Line Insurance. To clarify, these companies are not associated with Fairfax Water. They are private companies offering insurance associated with the water and sewer lines on your property. Fairfax Water does not offer this insurance and does not have a position on the need for this coverage. For more information about your water line responsibilities, visit www.fairfaxwater.org/customer/youplum.htm or call us at 703-689-5800, TTY 711.


Facts About Lead Levels and Fairfax Water's System


Fairfax Water’s distribution system does not contain lead pipe. Fairfax Water has made an extensive effort to identify and replace any lead service connections in the older areas of its system.
Click here to learn more...


Emerging Water Quality Issues

Fairfax Water has developed a testing plan for Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDCs) and Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) in source and treated waters. Read more about the testing program, the findings and Fairfax Water’s treatment process.





Educational Resources

Occoquan Shoreline Easement Policy

Fairfax Water has updated the Occoquan Shoreline Easement Policy. Click here for more information...

Invasive Species 101
Help us protect the Occoquan Reservoir from invasive, or non-native species that can cause economic or environmental harm to impact human health. Click here for more information...

Facts About Lead Levels and Drinking Water
Fairfax Water has consistently tested below the action level established in the Lead and Copper Rule. Click here for more information...

Fairfax Water Student Project Program
Fairfax Water is pleased to offer its help to Northern Virginia students pursuing science fair projects related to drinking water. Click here for more information...

Direct Debit Now Available
Direct debit is a simple way to pay your bill automatically from your bank account.
Click here for more information...


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