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Board of Directors 

Fairfax Water is governed by a Board of ten members who are appointed by the Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County, Virginia; each serves for a term of three years. In addition, non-voting representatives are appointed to Fairfax Water by wholesale customers. Generally board meetings are held twice a month, with an August recess. The meetings are open to the public. Comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed.  Please check the meeting schedule under Current News for the dates and times of  upcoming board meetings.  The Board of Directors may be contacted at the following address:

Fairfax Water
Board of Directors
8570 Executive Park Ave.
Fairfax, Va., 22031-2218
E-Mail: boardofdirectors@fairfaxwater.org

Philip W. Allin,  Chairman
Sully District
Member since April 6, 1992
Treasurer 1995 - 2002, 2005 - 2006
Vice-Chairman 2002 - 2005
Chairman since September 7, 2006
E-Mail: sullydistrictmember@fairfaxwater.org

Linda A. Singer, Vice-Chairman
Hunter Mill District
Member since July 26, 2004
Treasurer 2006 - 2012
Vice-Chairman since January 12, 2012
E-Mail: huntermilldistrictmember@fairfaxwater.org


Armand B. Weiss, Treasurer
Dranesville District

Member since June 22, 2010
Treasurer since January 12, 2012

E-Mail: dranesvilledistrictmember@fairfaxwater.org


Frank R. Begovich, Secretary
Lee District
Member since September 27, 2004

Secretary since July 9, 2009
E-Mail: leedistrictmember@fairfaxwater.org

Burton J. Rubin
Springfield District
Member since May 21, 1984
E-Mail: springfielddistrictmember@fairfaxwater.org


Harry F. Day
Mason District
Member since June 29, 1987
Vice-Chairman 1992-2002
Chairman 2002-2006
E-Mail: masondistrictmember@fairfaxwater.org


J. Alan Roberson
Braddock District
Member since August 3, 2009
E-Mail: braddockdistrictmember@fairfaxwater.org


Richard Dotson
Providence District

Member since September 14, 2009



Joseph Cammarata
Mt. Vernon District
Member since October 16, 2012
E-Mail: mtvernondistrictmember@fairfaxwater.org

Anthony H. Griffin 
At-Large Member
Member since May 01, 2012

E-Mail: atlargemember@fairfaxwater.org